IRCA is an accredited training provider and presents a variety of SHEQ training courses. The courses incorporate international standards and practices and are adapted to the environment of the various countries in which IRCA operates. This ensures that individual needs of executives, management, supervisors, representatives and workers are satisfied.

Why train?

Feedback gleaned from value management workshops as well as various inquiries into health, safety and environment, notably the Leon Commission of inquiry in the mining industry, highlighted the following shortcomings:

  • Lack of supervision skills
  • Inadequate worker participation in health and safety matters
  • Failure to identify hazards and evaluate workplace risks
  • Lack of hazard awareness
  • Inadequate problem solving skills
  • Poor coaching abilities
  • Inadequate incident investigation skills
  • Lack of hands-on experience in the real environment
In association with SHEILDS
In association with SHEILDS

IRCA’s trainers have the required knowledge, skills, competency and experience to effectively facilitate learning in a multi-disciplinary environment. The are also equipped with an Education Training Development Practitioner’s Qualification (ETDP).

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