IRCA Global’s Consulting Department can assist you with any and all of your SHERQ Management Requirements. Our highly skilled Consultants can come to you on a as and when needed basis to assist you with managing your risk.

Our Consulting Department uses our Trademarked RCAT Methodology to assist you in performing 3rd Party Incident investigations on any occupational incident that may take place.


A IRCA Global EBMS is an electronic system that is developed specifically for each client, the system is developed with the international standards as the baseline and the client’s specific processes built onto of them. Using the IRCA Global EBMS your employees and contractors will be performing their daily tasks according to the international standards, without even knowing that they are complying due to the way the system integrates all work-flows of the business.

The IRCA Global EBMS is an electronic system that is loaded onto your server for the entire organization to be able to access, and with its built-in security you have the peace of mind in knowing that only people on see sections of the system that they should, and not what they should not.

The IRCA Global IMS takes your business to the next level through our Enterprise View where there is a snapshot of the entire business functions on one screen, which is then easily used to navigate into specific departments of the company.

The IRCA Global IMS will assist in the management of day-to-day functions within your organization whilst becoming the integral link between the systems currently in place. The benefits of this is that the IMS will act as the shell in bringing all the current processes and ways of doing things together into one picture for your organization and it will provide a seamless change to provide compliance to the new international standards.

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