The IRCA Global Consulting Division provides a range of consulting services and supporting products aimed at adding real value to our Customers and Partners. Our range of services and products can be grouped logically, based on the respective consulting phases listed below. Solutions are designed specific to customer requirements, depending on strategic thrusts, defined priorities, or potential high-risk issues identified.



Analysis Phase

The analysis phase is optional, especially when the status quo is clear.

It is however useful to obtain a quantified baseline against which future

improvement can be measured. Typical analysis methods are:

• Baseline Risk Assessment

• Interviews

• Audit

• Perception Surveys

Design Phase

The design phase consists of the definition of the organisation’s business processes

into an operations manual. This operations manual is developed on our unique

Electronic Business Management System (EBMS), built with standard Microsoft® applications

(Visio® and Expression Web®). The EBMS is made available online via the Intranet

(or Wide Area Network for multiple site operations), allowing all employees access to these

business processes. The fact that the EBMS is developed in the HTML environment allows

for seamless integration from the business processes to relevant IT applications,

e.g. databases, ERP systems and document management systems.

The design phase can be described in four broad steps, namely:

Step 1: Define the enterprise model

Step 2: Define detailed, lower level processes

Step 3: Integrate relevant requirements

Step 4: Test acceptance

Implementation Phase

During this phase we provide guidance and assistance (and supporting software products, if required) with the implementation of new business processes, normally processes outside the normal scope of business and specific to the standards / guidelines / legal requirements. This includes:

• EBMS maintenance and awareness training

• Corrective and preventive actions

• Performance monitoring and measurement

• Perception surveys

• Inspection

• System implementation audits and assistance with improvement.

Assessment Phase

Various methods of assessment are available to organisations, with the following assistance and / or supporting products:

• Internal and second party audits (SHEQ/Legal Compliance/Business Continuity, etc.)

• Analysis of data.

Review Phase

We provide assistance in defining the approach to conducting Management Reviews. Data analyses from the assessment phase forms the basis of Management Reviews. Additional input requirements are defined and the review outputs are structured as actions in the Improvement Phase.

Improvement Phase

Improvement and change activities are structured and managed to ensure controlled change, with the management of activities to closure. Improvement results are quantified and, where applicable, reflected against baselines determined during the analysis phase. Various other IRCA Global services and products can integrate with the Consulting Division services and products within various phases to provide a total solution.


Audit Protocols (CAP, Legal Compliance, Business Continuity, Food Safety, Motor Manufacturing)

Systems and Implementation


• Procedures can be used as the basis for employee training and development.

• Only current procedures / policies / standards / forms / etc. are available to all employees registered on the IT network.

• The EBMS is linked to other IT systems in the organisation – providing direct access to relevant documentation and systems or even transactions..

• Changed / updated procedures become available immediately through the EBMS.

• The system is easily maintained in-house – full training is provided to ensure organisational ownership after completion of the system design.

• Clearly defined processes form the basis for continual improvement, incremental and breakthrough.

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